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Ann Houston Kelley

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Ann Houston Kelley enables international executives in global organizations to have crucial conversations about the ‘things that matter’ to the business. Her clients appreciate her ability to raise topics ‘above and below the table’ so that change can happen. She believes that executive development is all about ‘becoming a better you’, not a ‘better somebody else’.

Since 1995, she has been coaching international executives and their teams (Board level, -1, -2) in-house and at INSEAD (since 2004). She recently relocated to the US after 24 years in the Netherlands. She brings a deep understanding of ‘thinking globally/working locally’ to her work.

As a trained economist and family systems psychotherapist, she focuses on the ‘bottom line’ as well as ‘getting people to the bottom line’. Her diverse work experience (marketing analyst, IT manager, HR specialist, psychotherapist for international executives) gives her the ‘language’ to listen deeply to many different types of leaders.

Ann holds American and Dutch passports. She and her husband live in the mountains in the US Pacific Northwest. Their two ‘global nomad’ children live in the Northeastern US.

Tel +1 541 588 2880